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Gravesend: The Fairest Spot In England



Referred to as the, “fairest spot in the Garden of England” by none other than Charles Dickens, Gravesend in Kent has a long history of being celebrated both nationally and internationally as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Bordered by the relics of ancient woodlands, windmill watched over marshes and the Thames estuary, visiting Gravesend in Kent is like taking a step back in time into England of folklore and yesteryear. However, Gravesend in Kent is just as much celebrated for the town’s contemporary culture and architecture as it is for its idyllic surrounds.


Home to one of the largest Sikh Gurdwara complexes found outside of India, tourists and locals alike are often awed by the intricate majesty of Gravesend’s own Guru Nanak Darbar, a lavish East meets West artistic phantasmagoria of traditional Sikh architecture and religious iconography. In summer months in the meantime, a second predominant point of call for tourists is Gravesend’s Thames Riverside, where scenic trips can be taken aboard the MV Princess Pocahontas to either  Greenwich and London, or out into the Thames Estuary itself and onto Southend.


In fact, Gravesend’s legacy as a hotbed of international multiculturalism has always been synonymous with the town’s straddling of the Thames Esturary. Gravesend’s most famous resident prior to Charles Dickens after all, was none other than the Virginia Indian Princess Pocahontas. All this being the case, when wining and dining in Gravesend, the town really does offer something for everyone. From Gravesend’s own Wild West American Diner, to authentic Indian restaurants and a plethora of quintessentially Dickensian pubs and restaurants, Gravesend is just as much celebrated for its local culinary offerings as it is for its history.

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The only question is how are you planning to get out and about in Gravesend in the first place? At Limousine Hire Kent we’re a proud local provider of stylish scenic excursions around Gravesend. Whether therefore, you require a more sophisticated than standard pick up from nearby Ebbsfleet International Railway Station, or are looking for group transport to the Windmill Tavern on Windmill Hill, we’re Gravesend’s number one transport hire service for the more refined kind of traveler and party goer. Be sure though, to book your Gravesend adventure early in order to avoid disappointment, and call us today for a free quick quote.